After first unboxing the product, please fully charge the VITAL RING before use.
The usage time of VITAL RING varies depending on the measurement cycle but is approximately 4 days. For stable use, it is recommended to recharge every 2 to 3 days. Battery usage time may vary depending on the usage environment (usage scenarios, battery condition, usage period, etc.) and product specifications.

  1. Connect the enclosed dedicated wireless charger to a USB power source using the USB-C cable.
  2. When the VITAL RING is mounted on the charger, the charging LED will light up in red, and when the charging is complete, the LED will turn green.

Use the VITAL RING in a charged state.

  1. You can wear it on any hand, but wearing it on the dominant hand makes step counting more accurate.
  2. Wear the VITAL RING so that the pulse wave sensor inside faces the palm (or the patterned part faces the back of the hand). The image below shows the correct way to wear the VITAL RING.
    (* For accurate measurement, please do not wear other rings on the finger where the VITAL RING is worn.)
  1. Wear it on a finger that is neither too loose nor too tight.
  2. The VITAL RING is waterproof up to 100 meters (328 feet), so it can be worn in the shower or swimming pool.

  1. To set up and use the VITAL RING, you need an iPhone with the latest iOS software or an Android device with the latest Android OS.

    Search for “VITAL RING” in the iOS or Android market (store), or scan the QR code below to download and install the app.
  1. Before running the app, take the VITAL RING out of the package box, connect the charger to the USB power source, and mount the ring. This is the process of turning on the ring which is off at the time of shipment.
  2. Run the installed “VITAL RING” app.
  3. Follow the instructions on the app screen in order: Log in, sign up, enter your phone number, input information, and allow app permissions.
  4. On the home screen of the app, click on the screen that says “Turn on Bluetooth and connect the ring” as shown in the right image to search for the ring.

6. On the device connection screen, select the code that matches the unique number of your VITAL RING.
(* The unique number is on the label attached to the back of the package box.)

  1. Once connected properly, the app’s main screen will display the device connection status information as shown below.

  1. When using the VITAL RING for the first time, please check if the biometric signal measurement of the VITAL RING is working properly by pressing the ‘Stress Measurement’ menu on the app screen after wearing it. If the measurement is not normal, please wear it on another finger.
  1. After the first night of wearing the VITAL RING, the app will start displaying each content such as sleep, activity, health score, etc., analyzing the data measured the previous day.
  2. For accurate analysis of biometric signal change trends, it is recommended to use it for at least 5 days. Some in-depth analysis data requires long-term accumulated data measured for more than a month.
  3. Stress measurements such as Heart Rate Variability (HRV), heart rate, breathing rate, blood oxygen level are more accurate when done after at least 5 minutes of rest or in a stable state. It is recommended to measure stress 1-2 times a day (e.g., after waking up, before going to bed).
  4. To check sleep patterns and stress, overall health scores, etc., it is recommended to wear the VITAL RING during sleep.

[How to Set Up the App When Connecting a New VITAL RING Device]

  • If you have lost your ring or replaced it with a new one, you need to re-register it in the app.
  • Open the app and go to ‘Settings’, then click ‘Log Out’.
  • After logging out, log in to the app again.
  • Search for the ring again from the home screen.
  • Confirm the searched unique number and select the device.

The VITAL RING is a ring-shaped wearable biometric signal sensor device that is easy and natural to wear 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The main sensor measurement items and health metrics ranges are as follows:

*Some biometric specifications may be added or changed at any time.

  1. This product is not a medical device but a personal health management product (wellness) for measuring and analyzing biophysical phenomena, exercise, and leisure purposes. Therefore, it cannot be used for medical purposes such as diagnosis, treatment, therapy, or prevention of diseases.
  2. This product can be used by teenagers or adults. Keep it out of reach of children and pets. If the product is swallowed, medical intervention should be sought immediately for removal.
  3. The VITAL RING is a ring-type product and can only be worn on the finger. Do not wear it on other parts of the body. If the VITAL RING is not the appropriate size for the finger, sensor measurements will not be accurate. The device must be worn correctly according to the provided wearing method for accurate measurement and analysis.
  4. If you experience skin irritation such as itching or rash at the wearing site due to the VITAL RING, remove it immediately. If symptoms persist for more than 2-3 days, consult a dermatologist.
  5. This product contains a rechargeable battery that cannot be replaced by the user and electronic components that can cause injury if not handled properly. Dismantling or damaging the product will void the warranty and may endanger safety.
  6. In an emergency situation where the VITAL RING cannot be removed, cut the thinnest part of the palm side where the sensor is located. Avoid the opposite side where the battery is located.
  7. For the normal operation of the biometric signal measurement sensor, remove any moisture and dry thoroughly before use if the product or your hands are wet.
  8. Avoid strong electromagnetic fields, proximity to flames, extremely hot or cold environments, and avoid cleaning with strong detergents and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
  9. Do not apply physical shock or pressure to the product, and do not dismantle or cut it.
  10. This product contains a built-in battery and cannot be disposed of with household waste. Dispose of it separately according to local environmental laws and regulations.
  11. Do not incinerate or throw into fire. It may explode or cause a fire due to heat.

Product Name: RING Type Biometric Signal Measuring Wireless Device
Model: ZBR-100K07 (SIZE 7)
ZBR-100K09 (SIZE 9)
ZBR-100K10 (SIZE 10)
ZBR-100K13 (SIZE 13)
Identification Code: R-R-IOT-ZBR-100K07
Wireless Communication: 2.4GHz Bluetooth LE 5.0
Built-in Sensors: PPG Optical Pulse Sensor, Temp Sensor, Accelerometer
Battery: Lithium-Ion (Charged with dedicated wireless charger)
Exterior Material: Titanium Alloy
Interior Material: Non-metal Molding
Water Resistance: 100m (328ft)
Operating Temp: -10°C ~ 54°C (Charging ambient temp: 0 ~ 45°C)
Charging Input: Dedicated Wireless Charger (USB-C Type 5V Power)
Warranty Period: 1 year from the date of opening the product
Product Service: Refer to product inquiry on the website