VITAL RING is a ring-shaped smart device that regularly monitors users’ heart rate, respiratory rate, heart rate variability, changes in blood oxygen level, number of steps, calories burned, activity distance, sleep time and patterns, stress changes, and more to help manage health. This portable device syncs with a smartphone app, allowing users to monitor their health status anytime, anywhere. Also, the VITAL RING app provides a remote health monitoring feature that allows sharing and managing health status with friends and family.

Q. What are the main features provided by VITAL RING?

VITAL RING periodically measures and analyzes various types of vital signs to help users understand your health status and changes. It includes key indicators such as heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, activity levels, calories burned, distance traveled, sleep patterns, and stress changes. By monitoring these data trends, users can maintain healthy habits and detect health issues early. Furthermore, VITAL RING provides all vital sign information to users through the app, without a screen on the ring.

Q. How do I use VITAL RING?

Wearing the ring: First, wear the VITAL RING on an appropriate finger. You can choose from the thumb, index, middle, ring, and pinky fingers, and the sensor part should be worn facing the palm.

App installation and connection: Download and install the dedicated VITAL RING app from the smartphone app store, then turn on the smartphone’s Bluetooth to pair with the VITAL RING.

Enter personal information: When you first run the app, you need to enter personal information. This information is used to provide personalized health info to users.

Health Info check: VITAL RING measures users’ vital signs in real-time and sends them to the app. In the app, you can check and analyze this data.

Sleep and stress analysis: VITAL RING analyzes the user’s sleep patterns and stress levels and suggests improvements.

Team care service: Use the remote monitoring feature in the VITAL RING app to share health info with friends and family and manage health together.

Health report: If you use VITAL RING for more than three months, it provides health reports on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis based on the measured data.

Q. Can VITAL RING be used for medical purposes?

VITAL RING is not a medical device. It is a tool to help monitor the user’s health, not to diagnose or treat diseases. If you have health problems or concerns about your health, it is advisable to consult with a medical professional.

Q. How does VITAL RING measure heart rate variability?

After wearing VITAL RING, press the ‘Self-measurement’ menu on the app home screen and try the vital sign of VITAL RING. It is a kind of autonomic nervous system test and can check the user’s stress state. Also, for accurate changes in vital signs and detailed data analysis of heart rate variability, we recommend using it for at least 5 days. Some in-depth analysis data require long-term accumulated data measured over 3 month or more.

Q. Which hand is best to wear VITAL RING on?

VITAL RING can be worn on any hand, but wearing it on the hand you use most often makes the step count more accurate. It is recommended to wear it on the index, middle, or ring fingers, with the sensor part facing the palm.

Q. How does VITAL RING measure sleep?

VITAL RING measures various vital signs that occur during sleep such as sleep heart rate, temperature changes, respiratory rate, blood oxygen level, snoring, etc., to analyze sleep quality.

  • Sleep pattern analysis: VITAL RING analyzes sleep by measuring movement during sleep, along with other vital signs such as heart rate and respiratory rate. This data helps to differentiate between deep, light, and REM sleep stages. It provides a comprehensive picture of your overall sleep health, including sleep duration and sleep quality.
  • Sleep insights: In addition to providing data on your sleep, the VITAL RING app also offers personalized insights. This could include suggestions on how to improve your sleep quality, such as adjusting your bedtime or wake-up time, or changing certain lifestyle habits.
  • Sleep trends: Over time, VITAL RING tracks changes in your sleep patterns. By reviewing this data, you can identify potential issues that could be affecting your sleep, such as stress or changes in your environment.
  • Remember that while VITAL RING is a helpful tool for monitoring sleep patterns, it should not replace professional medical advice. If you have serious concerns about your sleep, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional.

Q. What is activity analysis in VITAL RING?

Activity analysis in VITAL RING includes:

Activity Tracking: With VITAL RING and your smartphone, you can track your daily activity levels, steps taken, calories burned, etc.

Goal Setting: You can set goals for your activity levels, steps, calories burned, etc., based on your personal targets.

Activity Record: You can keep a record of your activities and compare them over different periods.

Q. What is stress analysis in VITAL RING?

Stress analysis in VITAL RING includes:

Stress Tracking: VITAL RING, in connection with your smartphone, measures your stress levels. You can self-measure your stress level through the ‘self-measurement’ menu in the app.

HRV Health Analysis: VITAL RING analyses your stress level along with other health info like sleep and activity levels to provide an overview of your health state.

Q. What happens if the VITAL RING gets wet or is dropped in water? Is it waterproof?

VITAL RING is waterproof up to 100 meters. Therefore, it can be worn while swimming or showering in daily life. Also, when cleaning, it’s recommended to gently wipe it with a neutral detergent, and dry it with a soft cloth.

Q. What is the battery life of VITAL RING? And how is it charged?

The battery life of VITAL RING is typically around 4 days on average. This can vary based on usage patterns, and it is generally recommended to recharge every 2-3 days. Charging can be done using the wireless charger included in the box via a USB port.

Q. Where does VITAL RING store my health info? Is this information safe?

VITAL RING stores the measured health info on the server and the VITAL RING app simultaneously. Personal information and vital signs are stored separately and anonymized. Data transmission and storage are encrypted for security. We prioritize user privacy, and various security features are provided within the app to properly protect this information. For detailed information, please refer to the privacy policy of VITAL RING.

Q. Where should I contact if I have a problem with the product?

If you encounter a problem with the VITAL RING product, you can contact our customer service center. You can contact the customer service center by phone, email, or via our website. For detailed product usage, please refer to the product user manual and official website.